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The Son and Reins Ranch

We desire to be a place that supports and encourages people, no matter their age, background, beliefs or struggles.

We aim to do this through both 1:1 sessions as well as equine-assisted-learning (EAL) activities for the entire family (or group of any kind). (for more information, please see 'What a session looks like', under 'About Us')

We desire to be a place where young people can enjoy the simplicity and innocence of their youth, a place where they have a voice and are heard and respected, and where phones, computers and televisions are turned off.  A place where they can get their hands dirty, stretch their legs and breath some fresh air, all while developing friendships with each other, AND with our 4-legged friends...

We also desire to be a place where adults can catch their breath, enjoy a good book, drink a cup of coffee while it's still hot, savor some uninterrupted quiet time, enjoy an adult conversation, or maybe just take a nap! Adults are also very welcome to participate by working with the horses, doing EAL sessions and getting the support they need as well.

Ultimately, no matter our age, we all need a place where we are accepted for who we are, and where we're embraced by love, hope, peace and joy. Words can’t express how thankful we are to be able to provide such a place here at The Son and Reins Ranch!

"He will cover you with His mane and, tucked in the curve of His neck, you will find refuge." Ps.91:4

**Please note that we are faith-based, but not faith required.**